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Key Ways Men Can Prepare For a Relationship

Saturday, March 13th, 2010

Men must prepare for romantic relationships, too! After all, you will be one-half of the whole relationship so it makes logical sense to be the better half of your partner’s other half.

Here then are the key ways men can prepare for relationships. These tips are similar and yet different from the key ways women can prepare for relationships. Men are from Mars and women are from Venus and the two must meet on Earth comes into the picture. Naturally it then follows that men will have their on unique way of preparing for a relationship.

Develop Your Personal Strategy

Even in the more liberated 21st century, the enjoyable task of chasing after the woman of your dreams still squarely fall into your lap. You have to woo the lady with flowers, chocolates, romantic dates and sweet words, which may sound very old-fashioned but are still very effective in this day and age. Besides, you may find yourself turned off by an overly aggressive woman.

Now, you don’t just launch into the courtship stage without some form of preparation! Although spontaneity is appreciated, it pays to develop your personal strategy for courtship simply because you want to stand out from among her other suitors. Taking time to think through how you wish to approach a lady and conduct yourself in the relationship could earn you brownie points as the lady you are attempting to have a relationship with can see your thought and effort in trying to win her heart. The key to success in the development of your personal strategy is to be yourself and to take actions you feel are natural with. At the end of the day women want to be with a man who is genuine and sincere.

Determine What Your Ideal Woman Is.

Well, okay, there is no such thing as an ideal woman as there is no such thing as an ideal man. Besides, do you really want to have a relationship with a woman who does not have a personality beyond what you want her to possess as an ideal mate? Well, probably not because that would be very boring indeed.

Basically, what we are talking about here as one of the key ways men can prepare for relationships is to have a general idea of what they want in a woman. Questions you may want to ask yourself are as follows; Do you want her to be a career woman who can balance relationship and work? Do you want a domestic type of lady? Do you want her to be an extrovert or an introvert? Do you want her to get along with your family or just get along with you? Do not underestimate thinking through what your expectations are. It will help you in the long run to know what you will and will not tolerate in a relationship. In addition it will help you in the selction of the woman who ultimately will be your date.

Think of what you want in a woman with your family and friends as well as work on top of your mind. At the very least, you can narrow down your choices of women to woo. However, do be prepared for some curveballs because life is surprising that way.

Well, of course, when you are determining who your ideal woman is, you should also become the ideal man for that one special lady. Become a better person, widen your horizons and develop your character are just some of the ways to do so.

Develop Your Physical Appearance

Just like with women, you have to make yourself look attractive to the opposite sex. You may have to look at yourself in the mirror, assess your strengths and weaknesses, and then do something about it.

Your actions may include eating well, hitting the gym, adopting good personal hygiene and dressing to impress. You will find that you are an attractive bee to the waiting flowers.

The key ways men can prepare for relationships are common sense. You have to become a person in your own right, become a better person on the inside and become an attractive person on the outside – the total package, so to speak. The more you are comfortable with yourself the easier it will be for you to relate with women and as a consequence find your ideal mate.



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Searching For Mr Right – How to Know a Godly Christian Man

Saturday, March 13th, 2010

The dating scene can be a difficult world to navigate when you are looking for a mate. For women of Christian faith it may be even more difficult to find a godly Christian man. For this reason, it is all the more important for Christian women to know the characteristics of a godly Christian man.

The most important characteristic that a Christian man should exhibit is his devotion to the Lord. A man that loves God must live his life according to His purpose and put the Lord first. A man of faith lives his daily life according to his Christian beliefs and practices.

A Christian woman looking for Mr. Right understands God’s role as the head of her life. Putting God first in one’s life strengthens Christian relationships between men and women.

Another important trait a women must look for when searching for a godly man is displayed in the respect he shows towards his parents, elders and you. A godly man will do all that he can to honor his mother and father as God has commanded him to do. He will also give you love and respect because you are one with him.

A man that prays is a man that desires a closer relationship with the Lord. Prayer is your lifeline to God. Prayer gives you power to call out to God no matter what is going on in your life. A man that prays displays his wiliness to submit to God and allow the Lord to work through him. Prayer is the anchor in turbulent waters.

A godly Christian man also takes part in the ministry. He should seek to teach those who are saved and unsaved about the Christian faith. Taking an active role in the Church in various capacities is important to growth as a Christian and your commitment and devotion to your faith and God. A Christian women searching for a godly man will not only seek a man involved in the ministry but encourage it and take part as well.

A part of devoting oneself to the ministry means making a commitment to serving God and your fellow church family as well as the community, family, and friends. Commitment is the promise that you extend to those whether it is assisting them with ordinary things or standing by someone’s side when you are needed most. Godly men are men of their word and are not afraid to commit to whatever God calls them to do. This is an important trait that a women of faith must look for when searching for Mr. Right.

A godly man also understands and appreciates the role of the woman in a Christian relationship. A man should not look upon a woman as someone who was created just to serve his needs. He must remember that women throughout history have played an important part in Christianity and should be valued and given love and respect.

Christian women looking for a godly Christian man must not settle for anything less than what Gods has prepared for them. They must remember that God in his time will bring Mr. Right into their lives.



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Relationship Success Strategies – Building Rapport

Saturday, March 13th, 2010

If you have not been in a relationship for sometime it can be very daunting to know what to do to have relationship success. If you find yourself in this position one of the first skills you need to know is how to build rapport. This in a nutshell means knowing how to listen, give and receive feedback, ask questions and finally understanding non verbal and verbal communications.

When these skills have been used effectively they assist in the development of healthy and positive relationships built on trust and mutual attraction.

Here are some relationship strategies on rapport building

1. Building rapport through questions

Building rapport through questions is much like a person conducting an interview for a newspaper or someone recruiting for a job.

Create an environment where you and the person are relaxed. Ask questions of common interest. The questions should not be too probing. Simple questions followed by more probing related Always strive not to ask questions which could lead to arguments or make the person feel uneasy. Stick to topics of common ground.

2. Maintain a good attitude

Do not carry yourself in a manner that makes others feel less. Name dropping or being opinionated can cause this to happen. Treat everyone with great respect and be open in how you relate and respond to the people.

3. Encourage Sharing

Encourage the other person to share without inhibition. Sometimes a person’s like of experience, shyness or timidity can stop the free exchange of ideas. Assist them by communicating effectively. Help them by the way you smile, look into their eyes. Give reassuring nods also help to relax the person.

4. Develop listening skills

Be an active listener. Listen to what they say. Watch their body language and take note of what they communicate. if the other person folds their arms or sounds upset you may need to change or redirect the conversation. Do not maintain any conversation that causes discomfort. A good sign on the other hand is when a person is responding positively to what you are saying, leaning foreword and communicating freely. If they are talking to you like a lost old friend, congratulations you have built rapport.

5. Leave a nice thought.

Leave a nice thought with the person. When you do this you sow a positive seed. In other words a good memory is sown into the life of the person. What better way to build rapport.



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