Mastering the art of relating with class

At E-relationship Master Class, we want everyone who comes into contact with us to have a positive relationship experience. With the hustle and bustle of today’s lifestyle, having a meaningful positive relationship seems so difficult to achieve and also to find. This is the case for all types of relationships but most especially for those who are looking for that meaningful and loving relationship.

"Love at first sight is easy to understand; it’s when two people have been looking at each other for a lifetime that it becomes a miracle"
Amy Bloom

E-relationship Master Class aims to offer advice on how to have meaningful relationships, to develop your interpersonal skills in order to have a more effective relationship, explain the stages involved in achieving a positive relationship, explain how to end a relationship and still remain intact, offer encouragement when a relationship does not work out, provide you with resources, love tips and advice which will not only help you achieve a positive relationship but also maintain one, link you with like-minded people who seriously want to master the art of relating with class.

Some of the materials used in E-Relationships Master Class are extracted from the following books

Relationship Etiquette – The Protocol

Anytime a new relationship is beginning, it is important to understand proper ways to treat your new romantic interest.  God has a clear design for the dating and courtship stages in our lives.  We see this clearly by looking directly at the Bible.  Relationship Etiquette-The Protocol will guide you through the thought process and steps to building a solid relationship on a firm Godly foundation.  You’ll see Biblical examples of how relationships can be pleasing to God and learn the ABCs of getting it right the next time you find new love.

Steps to Overcoming a Broken Relationship

Having a broken heart is one of the most painful emotions that one can have.  When you find yourself at this place, a little encouragement can often go a long way.  In Steps to Overcoming a Broken Relationship you will be informed and encouraged.  You will not only see what to look for if you think your relationship might be nearing it’s end, but also what to do when it happens to you.  Even scripture gives examples of relationships gone wrong.  You will learn from those and find comfort in the healing that can come when you gain closure from a past relationship.
  Stop the Weeping so the Joy Can Come

So you have found yourself in a season of life where you are single and discouraged.  Take heart, there is a plan for you.  God desires each of us to live a joy filled life.  He mourns to see His children lost in weeping over past hurts.  In this book, you will find ways to put the past behind you and begin living the life that God wants you to live.  Living as a single adult can be a blessing to others and to you, if you make a choice to live well while you are single.  Put your tears to rest and start to live again!

Delay is Not Denial

Many times in our lives we find ourselves waiting on something.  It may be waiting for a brief time, or it may seem that we are waiting endlessly.  Just because you are in a time of waiting to meet the right person, it does not mean that God is going to deny your dream to have a spouse.  In Delay is Not Denial you will find out why waiting is ok and how it can be a special time in your life.  Waiting well is a powerful way to live.  It is pleasing to God and it will fill your spirit with joy.  Others may be lost in their sadness while they live their single years.  Don’t fall into that trap-learn how to live joyful while you wait on God to reveal his plan for you.

  E-relationship Master Class is a 12 week course for more details about the course content, contact the Course Director by sending an email to; coursedirector@erelationshipmasterclass.com


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