Relationship Success Strategies – Building Rapport

If you have not been in a relationship for sometime it can be very daunting to know what to do to have relationship success. If you find yourself in this position one of the first skills you need to know is how to build rapport. This in a nutshell means knowing how to listen, give and receive feedback, ask questions and finally understanding non verbal and verbal communications.

When these skills have been used effectively they assist in the development of healthy and positive relationships built on trust and mutual attraction.

Here are some relationship strategies on rapport building

1. Building rapport through questions

Building rapport through questions is much like a person conducting an interview for a newspaper or someone recruiting for a job.

Create an environment where you and the person are relaxed. Ask questions of common interest. The questions should not be too probing. Simple questions followed by more probing related Always strive not to ask questions which could lead to arguments or make the person feel uneasy. Stick to topics of common ground.

2. Maintain a good attitude

Do not carry yourself in a manner that makes others feel less. Name dropping or being opinionated can cause this to happen. Treat everyone with great respect and be open in how you relate and respond to the people.

3. Encourage Sharing

Encourage the other person to share without inhibition. Sometimes a person’s like of experience, shyness or timidity can stop the free exchange of ideas. Assist them by communicating effectively. Help them by the way you smile, look into their eyes. Give reassuring nods also help to relax the person.

4. Develop listening skills

Be an active listener. Listen to what they say. Watch their body language and take note of what they communicate. if the other person folds their arms or sounds upset you may need to change or redirect the conversation. Do not maintain any conversation that causes discomfort. A good sign on the other hand is when a person is responding positively to what you are saying, leaning foreword and communicating freely. If they are talking to you like a lost old friend, congratulations you have built rapport.

5. Leave a nice thought.

Leave a nice thought with the person. When you do this you sow a positive seed. In other words a good memory is sown into the life of the person. What better way to build rapport.



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