Single Ladies Waiting For the Ring

Finding your marriage partner is one of the greatest adventures you will ever have in your life. Being the type of person who will attract the kind of man you are looking for is part of that adventure. Morals and values are the standard here. By holding yourself abstinent from sex, your partner will never have to worry about who a child’s parents are, getting a disease, or that you were promiscuous. Your boundaries for yourself should include the respect of your body, heart, mind and soul.

Many single individuals do not know how to follow a dating process. There are three stages that each married relationship goes through, or should go through. The dating should be the time when two individuals get to know each other, learn about what makes each other tick. This does not mean groping all over each other or letting expressions and affectionate touching get carried away. This often happens way too soon, even before a relationship has a chance to develop. Choosing the man you will eventually spend the rest of your life with should be a decision you take in small steps. You must also decide if marriage is right for you and are you marriage material.

How mature are you? Can you step away from the fairy tale view of marriage and understand the concept of sharing every intimate moment of life with someone who will be with you for all of your lives? When both individuals realize that both people are human with human flaws and foibles, the better off you both will be in learning to adjust to each other as lifetime partners.

Have you met the goals that you set for yourself before leaving high school? Are you as educated as you would like to be? Once you are married, children are a natural desire. Education would have to be put off for a while until the children were not quite so dependent on mom. Prepare yourself for life before you are married. Hold out for the ring from the one who truly loves you. When they love you, they will wait. They believe you are worth waiting for and want sex to happen on your wedding night.

Single life allows you to be somewhat selfish. There is no "I" in TEAM. Holding out for the right man will save you from the heartaches of failures that ended up producing children or hurting both of you so much that you came away with trust issues. Honesty at all times has to be part of this recipe for the rest of your life. Are you ready to be totally honest in your emotions, your love, and fidelity? No marriage can survive without them. The second process transitions into the engagement phase.

Engagement is to prepare both of you for married life. This is the time you both commit to saving money towards the future. A two to three year engagement seems so old fashioned, but the reason there were two to three years of time before the wedding was because they had to save for a house, furniture, land, a vehicle and for household expenses. People took their time to figure out if the relationship could withstand the test of time.

Then, wedding plans are made. Once both individuals figure out that this other person is the one they love with all of their hearts, the engagement ring is joined with a wedding band. This type of love lasts for a lifetime and it is worth waiting for.



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