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Living, Loving and Succeeding  is dedicated to providing insights on the ups and downs of single life. If you are single and trying to negotiate the rough waters of the relationship game or looking for the right person but can’t seem to find them. Then Singlesstreetlife is the right place for you to find answers !

It is the ultimate web resource for addressing the issues that face singles today.

On Singlestreetlife you’ll meet some of the various personalities that you may find swimming around out there in the dating pool. Each of the characters personify some of the issues you encounter as a single, from the man who does not want to commit but gives you the impression of being concerned about you – Mr Friend to the racy man eating lady not to be left alone with – Miss Vixen.

The site does not mean to harm or to attack anyone personally. Let’s just say it’s high time that we faced some of the positives and negatives about the dating scene and this site does so head on in hopefully in an informative and enjoyable way. You may see yourself or your date in one or more of the characters.

As you enter the singlesstreet community you will laugh, and learn and be able to head into the dating world with new thoughts and ideas as well as important things to watch out for .

So, sit back, relax and enjoy your brief time with each of the singles you’ll meet on some of which are:  

 Slide2Meet Miss Victorious

Once you get to know her, she will most likely share the stories of her past with you as a warning of living a life without God and to share the joy she has found in Him.

To know more about Miss Victorious, visit

Meet Mr FocusSlide5

You will know Mr. Focus right away by the confidence that follows him into any room.  Because he allows God to direct him, he is filled with the spirit and it shows.  He knows who he is and where he is headed and will be blessed along the way. To know more about Mr Focus, visit

Slide4Meet Miss Know-It-All

You’ll know that you are in the presence of Miss Know-It-All as soon as she begins to speak. From that moment on, the chances of anyone else uttering an opinion regarding her life, are slim to none.

To know more about Miss Know-It-All, visit

Meet Mr FlirtatiousSlide10

 Mr. Flirtatious always looks his best.  He knows women like a man who looks good, so he never leaves the house unless he looks his best. He is a smooth talker and always has the right words to flatter those he sets his sights on.  

To know more about Mr Flirtatious, visit  

Slide7Meet Miss Heaven

You will certainly know Miss Heaven as soon as she comes your way. If the heavy-duty Bible, Biblical concordance and other study materials she constantly carries don’t catch your eye you’re bound to notice some other things about her that give her away.  Miss Heaven does not follow the worldliness she sees all around her. She sees no need for make-up or modern clothes. Her appearance looks very plain and simple signalling to the world her disdain for materialism.

To know more about Miss Heaven, visit  

Meet Mr FriendSlide6

Mr. Friend is often seen with a calendar full of social engagements and is invited to everyone’s party.  He relies on his electronic organizer to keep track of his many events and responsibilities. He is not ready for marriage although others seem to think he is.  Anyone who tried to convince him otherwise would be forcing something on him that he does not desire.  He enjoys life as it is.

To join his growing list of friends, visit

Slide9Meet Miss Vixen

Your browser may not support display of this image. You’ll know Miss Vixen right away as she makes her way into the party in her best Lycra outfit.  It’s all about tight fitting and showing off all the right assets. She will move quickly around a room, scanning the crowd to find her “hook up” for the night.  He’ll be the one dressed in designer duds and buying drinks for all his friends.

To know what she is up to, visit

Slide3Meet Mr Carnal

Mr. Carnal will certainly stand out from the crowd wearing more jewellery than any man should.  But, due to his limited income-don’t look too closely at those shiny pieces, or you may find the imitation gold flaking right off on his extra large collar.

To know what is new in his life, visit

Meet Ms Positive Parent
You’ll know Ms. Positive Parent when you see her because of the large bag she carries filled with pieces of all of the various responsibilities of her life.  Work, family, career, & volunteerism are all represented in her bag.

Find out how I made it soon…

Slide8Meet Mr Not So Sure

Last time we checked, Mr Not So Sure was still wondering what to call his website…

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