About Me

The Ordinary Person Champion who helps those who want to be Extraordinary to Shine and to find their light!

♦️A woman of Faith
♦️Authentic Leader
♦️Vision helper
♦️Developer of 2 Card games for Singles and Teens on relationship which encourage more positive conversation about love and relationships
♦️Author of books on Singleness and Relationships
♦️Smile maker♦️Cheerleader♦️Encourager


Ade D'almeida

🎓Trained over a 1000 leader
🎓Trained over 2500 volunteers

As a trustee and consultant for NGOs and small businesses, I help them to turn their dreams into realities.

My areas of interest are:-
✅Leadership ✅Personal Development
✅Confidence building ✅Empowerment
✅Relationships✅Makeovers for women

🔥🔥I believe EVERYBODY is capable of doing something great once they desire and are given the opportunity, training, resources and of course encouragement 🔥🔥